Perhaps many of you have noticed the crane on site at the municipal complex on your way to the train station or downtown this week. It has been an exciting time with the installation of the roof panels and framing of the windows. By Friday, residents could see the building really taking shape. Though temperatures have been below average, crews continue to work as quickly as possible to close the building before the inclement weather of the North East settles upon us.

I want to thank our construction manager from MAST, Eric Chait. We are fortunate that Eric is also a Township resident and provides oversight of the project both as a professional and taxpayer. Plus, he supplies the weekly photographs from the job site that allow us to follow along with the construction progress.

Please see below for more specific information and photos on the progress made for the week ending November 8, 2019 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site.

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All the best,

Mayor Angie Devanney

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 50 workers.
  • Kenvil United Corp. continued installation of the sloped roof decking in the center and east sectors, back screwed and back welded throughout, and set the roof curbs for the HVAC units.
  • EUC created a crane pad in the east sector for Kenvil, shored up the soil stockpiles after the rains, prepped the west side of the site between the new Municipal Building and DPW for backfill and grading, and backfilled and compacted around Stair #5.
  • Force Concrete continued installation of CMU block at Stair #1 on the west exterior wall, placed interior CMU block for Line H on the 2nd floor between the west and center sectors and at the sally port, and poured concrete for the east sector roof deck and the treads and landings for Stairs #2, #4, and #6.
  • Mehl resumed work on the panels and conduit in the basement mechanical/electrical and boiler rooms, ran branch circuits and conduit, installed pull strings, and placed boxes and conduit in the masonry.
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation set the boilers on their basement pads, continued installing hydronic piping and duct hangers, and received a delivery of duct work and began installation in the west sector basement.
  • AGP Plumbing performed material maintenance on site.
  • Hi-Tech Steel installed seismic clips in the basement.
  • Epic Interiors performed exterior metal framing in the east and center sectors, placed interior metal framing in the basement of the center sector, installed wood blocking at the windows throughout, and temporarily installed drywall and insulation for lockup and break rooms in the basement.
  • Allied Fire & Safety accepted a sprinkler pipe delivery and began installation in the basement.
  • Verizon moved their overhead wiring to the new utility pole on Park Avenue and removed the old pole.