Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to ALL! 

Work continued on the municipal complex this week with the exception of Thursday due to the holiday. The inclement weather expected for the beginning of this week could have an impact on construction. I am hopeful that the severity of the storm is less than what is anticipated by meteorologists. As you can see in the west elevation, the building is beginning to be closed in so that crews can work inside during the coldest months. We are also working to provide a project budget update. I hope to have information shortly. 

Below please see the update for the week ending November 29, 2019 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site.

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All the best,

Mayor Angie Devanney 

Week Ending November 29, 2019 

• EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 47 workers.

• Kenvil United Corp. substantially completed the metal sloped roof decking, including back screws and back welds, and readied the installation for inspection.

• EUC patch paved around the new manholes and inlets in the DPW area and on Berkeley Avenue, performed site cleanup, and resumed backfill in and around exterior Stair #5.

• Force Concrete substantially completed the CMU block at Stair #1 and along the west elevation, began CMU installation at the Sump Pump Room (#025) and the Elevator Machine Room (#026), and continued installation of CMU in the basement at Line N between the east and center sectors, Stair #3 in the east sector, the Boiler Room (#043), and the Electrical Room (#045).

• Mehl Electric continued work on panels and boxes in the basement, performed electrical rough-ins in the basement and on the First Floor, ran conduit for the rooftop units from the Second Floor to the underside of the roof, and began pulling whips in the basement.

• Industrial Cooling Corporation continued installation of duct work and hydronic piping throughout the basement.

• AGP Plumbing resumed installation of water lines and sanitary piping in the basement and on the First Floor.

• Epic Interiors installed interior metal framing on the First Floor, resumed placing wood blocking at window frames, and began installation of exterior Dens Glass sheathing.

• Allied Fire & Safety continued installation of sprinkler branch lines in the basement.