BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - How do you celebrate the Mayor's birthday during the COVID-19 epidemic that has the township practicing social distancing. It's by getting the community to come out for a "Happy Honks Parade!"

Friday afternoon, a continuous line of cars, minivans, trucks and even rescue vehicles joined in the fun to surprise Mayor Angie Devanney in celebration of her 49th birthday! Horns were honking, "Happy Birthday" could be heard, and families came out on a beautiful day to shower Mayor Devanney with some birthday love.

This did the trick!

The "Happy Honk Parade" was organized by Kelly Cuocci, who just celebrated her young son's birthday with a neighborhood honk parade with about 30 cars participating. She saw how much joy it brought to her son during this time of isolation, that she rallied the community to come out on this beautiful day to celebrate with Mayor Devanney.