BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - With the shortened pre-season and only one scrimmage under their belt before last Saturday's season opener, Gov. Livingston head football coach Dan Guyton was impressed with the team's discipline and accurate execution. He called out senior HB/SS Victor Chait as having a "breakout performance,"  with three interceptions, one he returned for a TD, and one TD reception.

Chait accounted for 100 total yards, rushing for 47 on 7 carries and catching two passes for another 52 yards. In addition to his three picks on defense, Chait recorded four tackles. 

"Victor worked incredibly hard this summer, he did everything we asked of him, we moved him to RHB on Saturday after he started 10 games at QB last year, he didn’t say a negative word about it because he knew it was what was best for our team," said Guyton. 

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Guyton commended Chait for his tough selfless "we" attitude. "Victor has been a great leader and role model for our program’s younger players. I couldn’t be more proud of him and based on the outstanding performances he has been having in practice, we were not surprised last Saturday, I was hoping for a big game from him, and he delivered and then some," said Gutyon.

Guyton is thrilled for his seniors for getting a season in. "We were all worried that our seniors might not get the opportunity to play this season," he said. "When Carteret, our scheduled first game of the season decided to cancel their fall season, we were really disappointed and worried we wouldn’t have a week 1 game much less a season. We were so happy when Keyport reached out to play us and were so thankful that our administration supported us and allowed us to play the game."

"We remain vigilant and focused on enjoying every movement of football this season.  We are taking it one game at a time and doing everything we can to play and win as many games as possible this season," he said.

For his outstanding performance in the Highlander's season opening win, Victor Chait is name Valairco Heating & Cooling Highlander Athlete of the Week.

Chait took time to respond to some questions from TAPinto.

TAPinto: How important was it to the team to get that opening day win and how enjoyable was that long bus ride home from Keyport?

Victor: It was very important. We had a tough season last year so I know how important it was to everybody to start this year with a win. The bus ride home was a lot of fun, it reminded me of the bus rides home my sophomore year when we were playing really well.

TAPinto: What got you pumped up more --  your TD catch or your pick six?

Victor: The pick six for sure. I had never had one before and  it turned out to be the winning score. 

TAPinto: You have been used at a variety of positions on both offense and defense, where do you enjoy playing the most?

Victor: I like playing safety the most because I get to be involved in both run defense and pass defense. Also I get to hit people, which is always fun. 

TAPinto: What are the biggest challenges of playing both ways for you?

Victor: You would think it would be tiring but I don’t have a problem with that. It is more mental, making sure my focus is always on the right side of the ball. 

TAPinto: This is your third year of varsity football what is the best advice that you would give to your less experienced teammates?

Victor: My advice is to give 100% in practice, even if you are on the scout team or special teams, it doesn’t matter. Coaches look at that. That is what gets you on the field. 

TAPinto: Favorite pregame song or music?

Victor: My favorite pregame song would probably have to be Enemies by Lil Uzi Vert. 

TAPinto: What are your plans for life after GL?

Victor: I’m in the middle of the college application process like most GL students and I will have to see where it goes from there. 

TAPinto: Who is your favorite athlete of all time?

Victor: The former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. They won the super bowl when I was ten years old and, well, we share a name. 

TAPinto: Who are your role models?

Victory: My parents. My mom is a really hard worker, and she is very organized. My dad is one of the smartest people I know, and we can always talk about anything. 

TAPinto: Who has given you the best advice in football?

Victor: Coach Marretta, who was one of our assistant coaches last year, was in a very bad car accident during the season. When he came back he gave a really great pregame speech. His speech gave us a slogan, which was “what else you got.” It taught us that no matter what adversity we face, we can always stand tall and get through it, in football and in life.

TAPinto: What does the Traditional Thanksgiving Football game mean to you against New Providence?

Victor: It’s a big deal because I remember going to the game as a little kid every year. At the time I never thought I would be one of the guys out there playing. But this year will be my last one as a player. I remember how good it felt to win my sophomore year and it didn’t feel so good to lose last year. So this year I want to go out a winner. 


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