As we weather another round of power outages, I only ask one question to the residents of our community. 

What have we, as a community done to resolve the endless outages?

Every outage is posted on the local forums, a few call to action while other wait for the lights to turn back on, as if we have no power to change our destiny. 

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I know what I have done, what I do with every outage. I call Just Can’t Power Lights and report the outage. I did that for years and it didn’t get better. Finally I asked what more could be done. They told about reliability reports, which I now request with every outage. I have five pending from this year alone. But was that all?  No, it’s not. I tried the Better Business Bureau, filed complaints with them as well. I have an open case with the BBB of Akron Ohio, home of First Energy, JCP&L’s unresponsive parent company. They also recommended I file complaints with the Public Board of Utilities, which I have.

My one voice is not enough. Our community needs to call, file complaints and push this derelict company to fix the problems they have.  If you will not address the problem, it will not change. 

M. Leblond.