BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Mountain Park Elementary School was bustling with middle school and high school students on Saturday, Oct. 17. Over 30 Scouts and a dozen adults from Boy Scout Troop 368 participated in a community service project in the school grounds, as a way of giving back to the school that hosts the Troop every Tuesday evening as well as the Berkeley Heights Board of Education. 

“Do a Good Turn Daily,” is the official slogan of the Boy Scout movement, as it seeks to splice service-to-others into the DNA of every Scout. The Boy Scouts removed trash over the entire school grounds, including in the woods beside paths to Rutgers  Mountain avenues, as well as along the creek. The paths that many elementary school students use to walk to Mountain Park every day received special attention. Sticks and stick piles were removed from those paths, and leaves were raked. Scouts also blew loose stones from the entire length of both paths.

Turning to the playground and baseball pitch – popular in recess and also used by the community after hours and at weekends – Scouts blew the debris away from under the bleachers and pulled weeds along the front of the playground.

In a statement Troop 368 Service Chair Jim Pitingolo said: “We are grateful to Principal Morisseau and the Berkeley Heights Board of Education for the support they provide our troop.  We continue to instill in our Scouts the importance of serving our community and being respectful of other people's property.  This project is just one of over a dozen that our troop conducts throughout the year to continue to develop our Scouts and give back to the Berkeley Heights and surrounding communities.”