My name is Dr Shengwu Du, many in Berkeley Heights know me as Sam. I am running for Berkeley Heights Board of Education because I believe we need someone who represents the broader community, thinks and votes independently and who is justly qualified to run a $54,000,000 / year budget with fiscal responsibility.    

Here are my qualifications:   

  • PhD in Economics from Penn St 
  • Co-founded and run Berkeley Heights Huaxia Chinese School, a highly successful non-profit school right here in Berkeley Heights.    As its first principal we were able to grow the school from its inception to over 150 students today.   
  • I work as a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)  for the Federal Reserve doing financial research on monetary policy.  
  • I have two children in the Berkeley Heights public schools one at high school and one in Columbia.   
  • I volunteer on the Berkeley Heights Rescue Squad and for the Governor Livingston HS Marching Band Pit Crew.  

I take education very seriously, for myself and my children, and for the larger community. I also have the qualifications needed to run a school and to run a $54,000,000 a year budget. I urge the public to not underestimate the qualifications needed to do justice such a responsibility.  

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I have experience in predicting and measuring the impact of financial decisions from my educational training, doing research, my job and by running a non-profit school.  

I don’t believe that elected officials should defer their opinions to conflicted experts, when elected I will use my vote and my public discussions to ensure that strategic decisions are made and that all money spent have a maximized return on investment.  

Our children should directly benefit from such decisions.  I will also stand accountable for the results of my voting.  

Many people overlook the Board of Education when it comes to voting day, however the Board of Education is the largest portion of our tax dollars. We need someone that will look cautiously at the tax dollars spent and in order to do that we absolutely need the most qualified candidates to be elected.    

I know that with the amount of money that the Berkeley Heights Board of Ed spends we can have the absolute best school district in Union County and I will work diligently to make that happen.  

Please vote for who you sincerely feel is the most qualified Board of Education Candidate on Nov 5, 2019.


Dr Shengwu Du

Berkeley Heights Board of Education Candidate 2019