This upcoming election on November 5 is crucial.  There are many issues looming for our towns and county – issues that need to be taken seriously.  In order for that to happen, voters need to elect Council Members who are educated and have experience in dealing with these issues.  For Berkeley Heights, the two candidates who fit that bill are Gentiana Brahimaj and Manny Couto.  Gentiana has been researching various borough improvements in many areas – including Economic Development and Shared Services and has spearheaded discussions around commuter issues with NJ Transit.  She will hit the ground running, making an immediate impact on the lives of residents in Berkeley Heights.  Manny Cuoto brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from serving on the Township Council.  He will continue the work that he started during his first term to improve and enhance the Township. 

There is no time for "on the job" training under the claim of being "new."  Having gone through an election two years ago for Borough Council, I know the importance of needing to get up to speed quickly to be impactful.  There is no luxury of taking the first year of your term to come up to speed.  Knowledge and experience are essential.  Gentiana and Manny are the best candidates to manage and address the challenges facing Berkeley Heights, and they both have my full support.