Last night I got a text from the incumbents seemingly blasted to a large phone pool.  Many people have complained to us that they weren't sure how they obtained their private number, as they  certainly did not sign up for their texts.  With access to public databases, the township website, the rec commission database as well as other collections of data.  It is definitely dubious as to where they got these phone numbers from. 

However, the text itself told people to vote for the incumbent and her running mate as “the True Republicans”  .

What does that even mean?  The Republican Primary is by definition a contest between Republicans.  What makes them a True Republican let alone the only True Republicans?  The incumbent has not acted as a Republican, they do not mention Republican on their signs nor on their website. She has voted for Democratic initiatives such as massive spending, the bag ban, the elaborate municipal building and shared service agreements with the County. 

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She also supports a large number of new apartments and Condos coming to Berkeley Heights making statements such as: Condos are the future -- Townships that don't approve condos will be left behind.  In fact under a Democratic led government, has voted alongside the Democrats on every vote.

How does any of that make them the “True Republicans”? It clearly doesn't. It is the misuse of the Republican branding to misrepresent who they are. They state it in hopes that the residents will confuse the incumbent line with the team that has the best Republican Record.

George and I both are Republicans, and hold strong republican values.  Both of us are Religious and attend local churches.  We are patriots, respect our police, the constitution and military, and are fiscal conservatives as well.  We would have voted against spending $36,000,000 on a municipal building, against handing over our small town feel to the developers, against the plastic ban and for a tax decrease this year, and a much more conservative budget moving forward in understanding that the residents are paying enough in taxes and deserve relief. 

I then looked further on the incumbents website and FB page and realized that they removed all mention of any main issues in Berkeley Heights. One incumbent has spent nearly 9 years on the council, yet on their website and FB page there is no mention of the municipal building, the 1408 new apartments, that the municipal debt tripled over the past four years. There is no mention of any true accomplishments as a council member.  Was it an honorary position only?

Also, I noticed that they used to have a section that stated “Rules of Engagement.” It seems that they have removed that section. Most likely this was removed since their “Rules of Engagement” states that they will only run on positive messaging about themselves rather than running a negative campaign. They broke this upon launching their campaign with a finger pointing article blaming others for their own municipal building project fiasco. 

Neighbors, this election is not about mis-claims, nor a call for it to be a popularity contest by asking you to ignore a friend's track record. It is also not about photo opts, nor even about how much you donate to charities which could be done without being on the council.  

This election is a referendum on if you think that the Municipal Building project has been managed well, that tripling the township's debt is a good thing, and if you like adding 1400 + apartments and condos to Berkeley Heights by enticing developers with tax abatements at the Business and Residents' expense. It is a referendum on whether you feel that the Township Council has been honest with you about costs of their projects and with providing a clear vision for what they are planning for the town.  Have they made it clear to you why your property taxes increase at a rate well above inflation?

Do you like the direction of the township, the state of the municipal building, the overdevelopment and the tripling of the debt, and prefer Council Members beholden to developers and special interests then your vote is clearly with the incumbents. 

If you feel that Berkeley Heights needs a change, then do not vote for the incumbents, you have a choice. 

If you believe our town needs a new direction, with candidates running on honesty, transparency and Republican values,  who have been watching what is going on closely and know how to and will cut spending, will represent the residents and respect the taxpayers then please vote for a conservative change.