Let's start with shared services. 

Fact number 1: The shared services with the salt dome have been going on for 20 years.

Fact number 2: The County has always paved and plowed their own roads and always has helped with particular jobs. The County in the past has lent trucks, helped with cutting trees, and after storms.

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Fact number 3: The County has always helped with events in town, storm drains and assisted in many ways.

Fact number 4: The Snyder Avenue Fields have been a joint effort between the County and the Town going back many years. The re-turfing of the field was included in the deal from years ago.

I find it insulting for Team Purple to say they've done anything more than what's been going on for many years. We have always gotten great cooperation with the Union County DPW Director long before Team Purple.. All the literature press releases and videos done by Team Purple is nothing but a bunch of fancy words, good writing, and colorful campaign tactics.

I am not the brightest bulb on the tree but I do know when someone is lying to me. Would you rather have your tax money well spent; look after contracts get resolved in a reasonable amount of time,  OR widen a nature trail at the Passaic River which is not even town property. I have lived in Berkeley Heights all my life. I am 3rd generation in this town I have spent many years fishing and driving motorcycles at Passaic River and believe me you don't have a line of people wanting to walk in those woods. I dare every one of you to try to last longer than 15 minutes by that River without the mosquitoes picking you up and taking you away. I encourage everybody to watch every video of Team Purple's. You will find that it's nothing but smoke and mirrors and  it has nothing to do with there ability to run a township.. you have two Republicans, in my opinion, that obviously have much more insight on how to efficiently run government.