Experience, Expertise, Volunteer and Professional

Vote Column #1, 2 and 5 on Tuesday, November 5th

It is with great pride that I’m writing this endorsement for three MOST outstanding individuals that will work tirelessly for the students, parents, teachers and administration on the Berkeley Heights Board of Education (BOE).  Earlier this year after 15 years of absolute enjoyment of watching our children grow into young adults and helping our district become one of the finest in the State of New Jersey, I announced my retirement from the Board of Education by not seeking re-election.  As such, I’m asking for your support of the following candidates:

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Helen Kirsch — Column #1 and 2017/2018 New Jersey School Board member of the year and certified school board member which requires intensive training.  Helen possesses all the qualifications for seeking her re-election.  Helen is involved in many aspects of BOE duties and represents us at the State, County and Local levels. She is a historian that allows us to reflect on issues as she has seen many in her over 35 years of experience.  Helen remains the calming voice on the Board, she provides excellent insight to areas of curriculum and maintains many contacts through her involvement at the various levels of service.  Helen is a true treasure, and we should not throw away her valuable insight and experience.  Please vote for Helen Kirsch on Column #1 on Tuesday, November 5th.

Michael D’Aquila — Column #2 — is another candidate that I’m asking for you to support — Michael is a  neighbor of mine and friend.  Although sometimes we are on opposite spectrums with local politics, I have learned to respect his background for the positions he seeks.  Michael was an excellent Councilman, and he showed concern and the ability to lead major projects including our very much-needed Municipal Building complex (Mayor Devanney still requests his input).  He is a Professional Engineer and has acquired a vast amount of knowledge in the area of higher education from serving as an Associate Vice President at a state institution.  His educational background and work experience would offer a unique perspective to the Board of Education.  Through his construction management leadership roles, he has had the opportunity to work with administration, faculty and staff including union personnel.  His facilities and construction management experience would be of great value to the school district in ensuring that the 5-year capital improvement plan is executed effectively and within budget parameters.  This will be especially true in the very near future as the Board contemplates making major infrastructure changes to our facilities to accommodate Full Day Kindergarten and enhancing the student collaboration by changing our libraries to media centers.  Michael has 3 children attending our school system which provides him some insight at each level.  Michael is a hard-working individual, he gets involved in his projects, will make decisions that will allow our school system to continue to thrive. Please vote for Michael D’Aquila on Column #2 on November 5th.

Angela Penna — Column #5 is my last candidate for endorsement — Angela is a local businesswoman and very active volunteer.  She is involved with our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and a trustee with the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation.  Both outstanding organizations contribute to the support of our teachers and student programs.  Angela has played an important role in each of these groups with the use of her organization and leadership skills.  Her overall professional knowledge of project management and Real Estate will serve our Board well as we move into the improvement of our infrastructure and develop new curriculum.  This includes the overall envelope of each school and the improvements in technology, New Full Day Kindergarten and media centers.  I’m asking that you support Angela Penna Column #5 on Tuesday, November 5th For the Berkeley Heights Board of Education.

I would encourage all of you to seek out the candidate’s statements on getting to know each of them on some questions the TAP provided to understand why I think they are the BEST candidates for our community.  I believe you will find their answers are very thoughtful and reflect the proper response and points of views we seek in members of the Board of Education for the future of our children and grandchildren.

In closing, thank you all for the continued support over my 15 years on the Board of Education, it was my pleasure to congratulate students and their parents on their accomplishments during graduation ceremonies.  I’m hopeful that I made a difference in some of their lives with the quality of education they received in our district.  Let’s keep it moving in a positive direction and Elect:

Helen Kirsch Column #1

Michael D’Aquila Column #2

Angela Penna Column #5

Very Truly Yours,

Denis Smalley

The above information is only my opinion and does not reflect any other Board of Education members opinions.