So here we are 2019. Berkeley Heights will always be a great town, it is filled with so much rich history. The founding families who built this great town with their great stories and achievements are almost all gone now, but, you still have some straggling sons, daughters, and grandchildren.

The hometown feeling is slipping away. Berkeley Heights is a growing town. There are many new people who move in and enjoy its great history, but many of the homegrown people have given up on politics and sometimes the new politicians and town administration who come in just don't understand our town.

I am the son of a retired deceased Berkeley Heights police sergeant. The nephew of two retired deceased uncles who were in charge of the DPW and Sewer Department. I have been involved with this town many years and was involved with helping in many campaigns for township committeemen. I have helped elect two of the youngest committee persons that were ever elected in Berkeley Heights and were homegrown specimens. I was involved with for many years the Mount Carmel Society, who has done many great things for this town. I have helped in past years formulate and run the society along with its feast which has great history in Berkeley Heights. Although I was forced to resign from the Mount Carmel Society due to the current political presence in Mount Carmel, I will always celebrate the great day that my family helped in its early stages.

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I also for many years coordinated a safe ride program for Berkeley Heights residents along with my racing program to teach kids the dangers of street racing with my program called "Trash." Track racers against street hot rodding. The program teaches them to race on the track with all the safety concerns and not on the road. Also, I am a co-founder, past vice president and current board member of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society and understand the legal process of and dealing with the government type process of operating and dealing with issues with a statewide preservation organization.

I do understand municipal law and how government works. I think I have enough common sense and ability to help this town bring back that hometown feeling. I think we need to focus on the fact that it is detrimental to our town to allow one political party take total control of the council. We must have diversity on the council to question one another. It is my opinion, we must have an administrator who is not connected to any political party and one who also understands the people of Berkeley Heights. I also think we need an administrator who has better leadership qualities and has good communication skills with the townspeople and also experience and government practices and policies. We need someone who is easily approachable for townspeople's questions.

In all honesty, most people don't even pay enough attention to what any council member is doing before it's too late. Years ago when we had two hometown people on the council there was much more communication to the townspeople. We also need to welcome new people into our town and show them the great history we have. And they can become the new history of Berkeley Heights. Believe me, I'm not the best guy for this job, but I will speak my mind and listen to the people and we'll answer questions truthfully and honestly. And I will learn as I go along. I can relate to the regular people. I have struggled and worked my way through. Maybe we just need a regular guy up there again on that council. I will admit at times I can be a little combative but that's what makes me who I am and I always do it for the right reasons.

We cannot let current administration eat our town and when they're full they will move on and us the founding families are left with the mess. So, I urge you, the residents, to bullet vote for me only. To better my chances of winning, write in "John Goop Mondelli: for the Berkeley Heights Township Council.