Edited: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 11:43 p.m.

It’s June in Berkeley Heights, the sun is getting hotter, the days are longer, and once again Mr. Maciejewski (a.k.a Ed, Edmund, Dmund, Tom) is trying to fleece the Republican base into believing he is a true conservative, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. We have seen this before. The first time he ran for office it was as a Libertarian. Since that time and for the last three years, he has run as a Republican. He springs into action calling himself the only true conservative, loses the primary, ignores the Democrat-led council, and, in my opinion, out of enormous spite, continues the fight from the primary to the general election against the victorious Republicans.

Ronald Reagan made the 11th Commandment famous by saying, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican”, and until Maciejewski turns his attention to Mayor Angie Devanney and the cozy deals she makes with the Union County Democratic Machine, we simply cannot trust him in this Republican Primary. In 2018, he mounted a primary challenge against the Republican Mayor Woodruff. After he lost, he would not stop his criticism until the Mayor’s Office fell into the hands of the Democrats. In 2019, he again ran in the Republican primary, focusing his attention this time on Councilman Manny Couto, where history would repeat itself.  After losing the primary he continued to campaign against the sitting Councilman right up until Election Day in November (this time with Manny winning). Now in 2020, we see the same pattern. He will pick on the incumbent, this time Jeanne Kingsley, focusing his rage against her, and assisting the Democrats in the process. When you are continually badgering the Republicans with half-truths and lies in June and continue through November for the last two and a half years, you are no longer a conservative, but in my opinion, a friend of the Democrats and specifically the Union County Political Machine they employ. By now, most of you have received your Official Mail-In Ballot. You have probably also received a knock on your door or something in your mail from this challenger.  One thing he likes to talk about is taxes and how the Republicans are giving deals to developers.  He is correct, sometimes there are deals for developers to pay less taxes (PILOTS) but what he does not tell you is that when the town makes this type of agreement with a developer, the town gets a substantially larger portion of those taxes, more than they would the regular way. Who does not get the taxes? The county. [The portion of the PILOT that goes to the county is five percent, which is significantly less than what the rate is for other Berkeley Heights residents and businesses, which is close to 23 percent.] Ask yourself, why does he want the county to have more money?  Well, in my opinion, that is what his Democrat friends would want.

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As a lifelong Republican, I humbly ask you to support the Union County Republican Committee’s line from top to bottom in Column B. This includes supporting me for freeholder, where I will continue the fight against the cronyism in Elizabeth and support my friends Jeanne Kingsley and Jeff Varnerin for Berkeley Heights Town Council. They have records of giving back to their community with integrity, honesty, and transparency in government. I give them my full endorsement for this Primary Election against the friends of the Union County Democratic Political Machine.

Joe Sarno

Republican Candidate for Union County Freeholder