My name is Michelle (Delia) Bartiromo and I am writing to support Manny and Gentiana for Town Council.  My family has lived in Berkeley Heights for over 100 years. My children are the 4th Generation to grow up in my house which was my grandparent’s home and my father’s childhood home. I live in the area of town known to those who grew up back here as “Macaroni Mountain”, fondly called that because many Italian immigrants settled back here in the early 1900’s. Many of the families that settled here are still in the neighborhood today as homes were passed on to family members, generation after generation. I remember Berkeley Heights as a town with many Mom & Pop shops…..there was Berkeley Bakery, Marjul’s, Carmen’s Deli, The Ye Old Sub Pub, just to name a few. We used to ride our bikes in the neighborhood and stay out until it was dark. We would congregate in town at DiMaio’s after school for a slice of pizza or meet up later at Cumberland Farms and hang out. Things were simple. I want my children to have the same experiences I had growing up in such a tight knit community and I think most of us with children can say that there is no better place to grow up than Berkeley Heights.

I know that Manny and Gentiana share these same values and support keeping Berkeley Heights the wonderful small town that it is.  We need to have a diversified Town Council that consists of both Republicans and Democrats. We certainly don’t need to have three teachers on the council and if you vote purple you might as well vote blue. By electing Manny and Gentiana ensure that things will be kept fair and balanced, and they will do what is right to protect the taxpayers of Berkeley Heights. They will also make Berkeley Heights come first and will fight to keep control of local services from the county.  They are both fiscally responsible and in the debate, Gentiana stated that she knows how to stretch a penny, which is important to all the taxpayers of Berkeley Heights. They are going to work with local businesses and the Downtown Beautification Committee to revitalize our downtown.

On Tuesday, November 5th, VOTE COLUMN B and support Manny and Gentiana. I know that their best interest is to make Berkeley Heights first!