First off, I would like to say how flattered I am at the plagiarism of my ideas from my Democratic opponents. Two very well educated candidates, a campaign manager, and a full staff of help. To plagiarize my last Candidate Statement has really given me a confidence booster.

I will go on record to say, my campaign, it's not about bashing the other candidates. As a matter of fact, I have a very high respect for teachers and they play an important role in our community. The sad part is, two perfectly good candidates will be thrown into a purple pool of blood.

Now putting my competitors character aside, when it comes to politics it's just not that easy. You see, if the Democratic candidates are elected they will be tainted by the administration that got them elected. The unjust to the Berkeley Heights people is that we would have an almost full panel with the same political views. That is not diversity. Diversity is with different people, different ideas, and be able to question one another. It's not fair for any political party to have total control whether it's a liberal view or a conservative view. It's just not fair and it's very unethical, in my opinion. That would mean there would be no sense in having a meeting and no sense in even voting on anyting and you might as well just hand over all power and all decisions to Mayor Devanney. Team purple is a very catchy slogan but in my opinion it is just a smiley mask to cover the political machine that is about to hijack our town.

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Now let's talk about transparency. Well, I must say coffee in the park going to restaurants and having cute little videos on Facebook are entertaining and informing. We still need someone that's going to roll up their sleeves and do some hard work and make hard decisions. I would definitely give the people of this town a window to see what decisions are being made in our town and any questions.

Now, let's talk about crossing party lines. I, along with many hometown Conservative Republicans crossed party lines in the last election and we have seen empty promises made by Team Purple. In my opinion, it is very disheartening to see two well respected women of this community be eaten by the machine. You just cannot run a fair government with one person making all the calls. You cannot vote fairly, you cannot make decisions fairly, and most important you cannot be taken serious. 

I just want to take this last opportunity of time to urge you the voters please don't be distracted as to what's behind curtain 2. And take curtain 1, the safe bet, and vote for the Republican line or elect me as a write-in candidate. And thank you for all the support and kind words and laughter from my friends and townspeople have given me in my second bid to be elected to the Berkeley Heights Township Council.