The BHVRS is happy to introduce one of our newest squad members, Chuck Kleinberg!

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Chuck has decided to “re”-join the BHVRS. Chuck Kleinberg is a native New Jersey and Berkeley Heights resident. He grew up in Berkeley Heights from the young age of two and left in 2013, but he decided to come back in 2018 to raise his daughter.

After settling into his new home and having been a member of the squad previously from 1996 to 2004, Chuck decided that now was a great time to rejoin. Chuck cites most of his inspiration for rejoining from his previous, rewarding experience on the squad and the great need for emergency response professionals during the coronavirus pandemic 

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Chuck remembers his previous set of years on the squad as being one of his best experiences and recounts some of his efforts while on the squad. He fondly remembers having created the squad’s membership phone number, a “jump” kit for motor vehicle accidents, and being “initialed” the first part-time member of the BHVRS in 2001. People give in many ways, and Chuck says this is his. 

Since his initial time on the squad, Chuck has further developed his career and now serves as a Project Manager for a technology company. He credits his initial volunteer experience on the BHVRS with helping him develop the skills necessary to succeed in such a career. In his spare time, Chuck simply enjoys being a Dad, which, to him, is his most considerable interest, passion, and hobby. Of course, he also follows football and hockey, and he enjoys hiking and board game design. 

The BHVRS is so happy to have Chuck back on the squad! Here is some more advice and information from Chuck:

 What would you say to someone who wants to join the BHVRS but is nervous?

It is only intimidating for a short time. But, very quickly, your crew members make the feeling go away. Plus, you will make friends, learn skills, and expand your horizons. My initial experience on the BHVRS certainly made me a better person, and I wanted to do it again!

Was it difficult to learn some of the life-savings skills required to ride on the ambulance?

Learning the life-saving skills to ride on the ambulance was not at all difficult. Everyone on the rescue squad will help you learn and support you.

What was your most memorable moment on the squad so far?

My first few calls were great. It is like riding a bike, the knowledge from my first time on the squad is all coming back.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being on the squad for you?

To me, one of the most rewarding aspects of being on the squad is knowing that I am not fazed by life’s emergencies as I was before. Being on the squad makes you so much more prepared and ready.