Henry Namkung – Why I Joined

The BHVRS is happy to introduce one of our newest squad members, Henry Namkung!

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Henry has decided to join the BHVRS. Henry Namkung is a native New Jersey and Berkeley Heights resident. He grew up in Berkeley Heights and attended Governor Livingston High School (Class of 2005). 

After being helped by healthcare professionals during high school, Henry decided that now was a great time to give back and join the BHVRS. Henry cites most of his inspiration for joining from his desire to help his fellow community members and the great need for emergency response professionals during the coronavirus pandemic, which reignited his desire to care for others. He is certainly glad he saw a BHVRS sign in his neighborhood, or he might have never had this experience!

Currently, Henry is pursuing a career in healthcare, and he knows the BHVRS will help him develop the patient care and life-saving skills needed to succeed in such a career. In his spare time, Henry enjoys keeping up with the latest technology, outdoor adventures, and cycling. 

The BHVRS is so happy to have Henry on the squad! Here is some more advice and information from Henry:

What would you say to someone who wants to join the BHVRS but is nervous? 

I would tell someone interested in joining the BHVRS that they should not be nervous. If you are sincere and caring, the patients will let you help them no matter how much you know. Plus, your crew members are always there to assist you and teach you. 

Was it difficult to learn some of the life-savings skills required to ride on the ambulance?

Learning life-saving skills was not too difficult, but it definitely took me a few tries to learn how to take a blood pressure as part of taking vital signs.

What was your most memorable moment on the squad so far?

My most memorable moment on the squad so far was going through the training. More specifically, I enjoyed training on how to transport a patient using the stair chair. It’s a really valuable tool that we use. 

What surprised you most about being on the BHVRS?

I was surprised most by the sense of community within the squad and the willingness of all of its members to serve their community. Their dedication to and care for others is profound. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of being on the squad for you? 

The most rewarding aspect of being on the BHVRS is knowing that the skills I learn on the squad will help me in any emergency situation that I encounter.