The Silver Liming Foundation strives to “make a difference to local families, one KIND gesture at a time.” To better communicate our mission and bring to life the guiding principles shown through the starfish parable, we’ve overhauled our website. This new website, a labor of love from our unpaid volunteers, makes it easier for volunteers, donors, and people in need to understand our services, our impact, and how to get involved in spreading kindness.

Our founder, Laurie Liming, taught in Berkeley Heights schools until her stage 3c breast cancer diagnosis turned her world upside down. The love of her family and strength of her community, along with unexpected kindnesses from strangers, carried her through surgeries and multiple treatments. Meals were delivered, rides to school provided, and donations were made to help Laurie and her family navigate life during cancer. Laurie and her sons vowed to keep the kindness going. Silver Liming Foundation was born from that simple, yet powerful, gesture.

During her teaching career, Laurie often referenced the starfish parable about a boy who tried to save every starfish he could as he walked along the beach. When the boy was reminded by a local man that there were miles upon miles of beach, and that what he was doing might not make a difference, the boy replied as he gently threw another starfish into the water, "I made a difference to that one." As it turns out, that lesson became the most important one Ms. Liming has ever taught. She has learned it, is living it for herself, and now the Silver Liming Foundation is spreading its wisdom and optimism to others.

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Just like the child in the Starfish poem, Silver Liming Foundation is making a difference in the lives of individuals, one action at a time. As a small organization deeply rooted in our community, we live the lessons of the starfish every day, in five distinct ways. We organize our services around these principles of kindness: Care for the Caregiver; Charity Begins at Home; Compassionate Hands; Cheer for our Cherubs; and Community of Support. Over the past 3 years, we’ve delivered hundreds of kind gestures—from meals trains and clothing drives for those who are sick or in financial distress, companionship for the housebound, support for caregivers, and most recently, celebratory tee shirts for every GL graduating senior disrupted by COVID.

Check out our new website and consider donating so we can continue to spread kindness to the people in our community, one gesture at a time.

Here are three easy ways to donate: 1. click the donate button on, or 2. Venmo @Silver-Liming, or 3. send a check to: Silver Liming Foundation P.O. Box 463, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. Please mark your envelope #BHKindness.