I’m not a runner, but have enjoyed the Annual Berkeley Heights Mother’s Day 5K Race for the last 18 years!  This week, I would be registering my family, doing some extra stretching and coordinating with my network of local Mom’s to be sure everyone is ‘In’.  I love this race, seeing all the families participating, struggling together as we jog to the top of Rutgers Avenue (why does this incline feel like such a mountain on race day?) and the sense of community as neighbors line the route and cheer us on!  Did you know that this event and many others are provided by Berkeley Heights Businesses and sponsored by Berkeley Heights Businesses.

These small businesses are struggling. They need our support now, more than ever to ensure they can re-open when the quarantine is lifted.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Business Aid: Berkeley Heights (via PayPal or personal check); details included on www.berkleyheightsbusinesscivic.com

Our small business have always been there for us, let’s show them we can be there for them!