BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Progress on the municipal complex is coming along nicely as the developer (EPIC) and its principal, project manager (Mast) and its principal, architect (Arcari & Iovino), and Township continue to meet as a group at least weekly to resolve any outstanding issues and to keep construction moving. These meetings have been integral in working to nail down a completion date.

[Video shot Friday, June 19 and focuses on the West sector]

EPIC is moving from West to East in their work – meaning the portion of the building closest to the DPW, toward the current Town Hall - roof shingles and window installation work is ongoing. Brick and cast stone work is substantially complete. Drywall and insulation work is about to begin in this sector as the roof gets watertight and windows are installed. Fireproofing is substantially complete. Rough mechanical, electrical and plumbing in this sector is nearing completion. Water service tie-in is being worked on with New Jersey American Water. 

For the week ending June 19, 2020 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site, the following also took place: 

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 52 workers. 
  • Force Concrete continued the brick and cast stone veneer at the north and south elevations, and washed down the installed brick. 
  • EUC began running the 2” salt dome water line, the 4” domestic water, and the 6” fire service line from the underground main to the building. 
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation installed hydronic piping to VAV’s, duct work, controls, and fittings. 
  • Epic Interiors began window installation in the west sector, framed ceilings and soffits, set exterior door frames, and prepped for drywall and insulation. 
  • Mehl Electric core drilled and ran conduit for police antennas, installed stairwell lighting, ran circuits and panel terminations, and prepped for equipment startup. 
  • All Ply Roofing placed roof shingles and snow guards on the south side of the center and west sectors. 
  • FireBarr completed patching the fireproofing passed inspection, and demobilized. 
  • Eighteen Glass received delivery of the curtain wall frames and began assembly.