BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The police and library wing of the municipal building (West sector) has made very noticeable progress inside in recent weeks. The curtain wall – or wall of windows – is being installed in the police and library areas, giving it great light. Drywall and insulation is going in, while taping and spackling continues in the police offices and training rooms. The library – above the police station – is being painted, while bathrooms throughout the building are being tiled. Windows installation continues, and the masons continue to work their way around the building to finish the masonry and brick veneer. The roofer follows the masons as the masonry is finished in each section. The roof leaders will be tied in to the storm drains in Sector 3 (West side, closest to DPW soon), and the ground will be graded on that side of the building, as well. 

Meanwhile, wet dirt is now being moved from the construction site to the current parking lot at Town Hall, so it can be dried out and later used as backfill. The area at the corner of Park and Plainfield avenues is fenced off during this process. 

For the week ending July 17, 2020 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site, the following took place: 

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 54 workers. 
  • Force Concrete continued the brick veneer at the north elevation and resumed cast stone on the east side. 
  • EUC placed underground storm piping, backfilled and compacted, began tie-ins for the roof leaders, and started relocating soil to the existing parking lot for it to aerate and dry for reuse. 
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation installed duct work on the 2nd floor. 
  • Epic Interiors continued with drywall and insulation, taping and spackling, corner bead, ceiling framing, and installed the track for the folding partition in the Multipurpose Room. 
  • Mehl Electric placed light fixtures, outlets, and switches, and worked on the electrical room panels. 
  • All Ply Roofing installed shingles on the south side of the east sector. 
  • Layout Inc. updated the site survey. 
  • Artisans Showcase of Tile installed wall tile in the 2nd floor public rest rooms. 
  • Waterproofing Systems Northeast began caulking exterior joints. 
  • Eighteen Glass continued installation of the storefront partitions in the Library and began placing glass panes in the center sector curtain wall. 
  • All Ply Roofing dropped sprinkler heads into the ceiling framing. 
  • AGP Plumbing installed the fire service riser in Mechanical Room 003.