Developer Epic’s roofers and masons were on site over the weekend, working to finish the exterior masonry and the roof, as they work to tie the roof into the masonry and make the building watertight. The underground storm system is going in now in Sector 3, as grading is also being worked on in that sector to ensure all water runs away from the building. Windows continue to be installed, as work on the following continues into this week: mechanical/electrical/plumbing/lighting, drywall/insultation/taping/spackling, curtain wall (large window bays in Police Department, Library and near front entrance), ceiling grid, tiling, doors, storefront partitions, and the Police Department detention area masonry and fixtures. 

For the week ending July 24, 2020 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site, the following took place: 

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 54 workers. 
  • Force Concrete continued the brick veneer at the north elevation and cast stone on the east side. Force also resumed block work in the detention area at the cells. 
  • EUC placed underground storm and sanitary piping and structures, installed backflow preventers at the trench drains, backfilled and compacted, completed relocating Stockpile #1 for later reuse, installed drainage inlets on the west side, and removed an abandoned utility pole on site. 
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation performed controls and duct work on the 2nd floor. 
  • Epic Interiors continued with drywall and insulation, taping and spackling, soffit framing, framed the Council Room dais, and began the ceiling grid. 
  • Mehl Electric placed lighting wiring and fixtures, outlets, and AV rough-ins. 
  • All Ply Roofing installed shingles on the south side of the east and center sectors. 
  • Artisans Showcase of Tile continued installation of rest room wall tile. 
  • Eighteen Glass continued placing glass panes in the curtain wall. 
  • Top Line Paving mobilized and began forming and pouring concrete for curbs on the west and north sides. 
  • Epic Millwork accepted the first delivery of cabinetry and began installation in the library staff area. 
  • JCP&L removed abandoned overhead electrical wiring and street lighting on site. 
  • Comcast pulled their cabling from Park Avenue to the main electrical room.