First off I would like to congratulate the Republicans on the way they handled the situation in the town meeting. They kept composure and compassion for the seriousness of the matter that was discussed. In my opinion, it's starting to be clear that the Democratic officials of this town have gone over the top to their own supporters. As a Conservative Republican, I have said many times in the past a town council should not be all the same party. But it is becoming quite clear that the Democrats of this town should assert themselves to produce a Democrat who will better serve them. I have suggested in the past and even pondered myself that this town should think about getting a blue dog type Democrat to better serve and be able to work with both parties. There is no room for this ramrod type behavior to be going on in our great town. At this critical time of uncertainty, I believe Berkeley Heights does not have the racial tension of some parts of our country but should also be aware and assertive in dealing with any future problems. I think being too aggressive, as our Democratic council people are, in my opinion, will only create more tension. Berkeley Heights has always welcomed people of different cultures. The leftist Democrats in this country are creating a platform to push their agenda. I do not think Berkeley Heights is the place for this. And I have faith in the people of Berkeley Heights to continue to welcome all the different colors and cultures of the world to be a part of our town.