NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Scout, a black french bulldog, has been missing from her Mountain Avenue home in the Tall Oaks section of New Providence since Saturday, March 7th around 6 p.m.  

The Burkitt family contacted Missing K-9 Search & Rescue to track their missing dog. The K-9 picked up a scent of Scout having gone up Drum Hill Drive and Little Wolf Road over in Summit, said Lisa Burkitt. She was tracked through the back fields at Gov. Livingston. The scent of the dog can remain for a long time and the search dog had tracked the scent twice. 

She asks that anyone along that area to keep their eye out for Scout. "I learned that 98 percent of lost dogs are found by someone siting and calling it in," said Burkitt.  

Please call 646.946.1548 with any information.