Today, on “Save a Life CPR and Stop the Bleed” of National EMS Week, the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad (BHVRS) is continuing its celebration of EMS practitioners and the important work they do for our nation's communities. On this important day, the BHVRS would like to provide the Berkeley Heights community with resources and information to help train the public in both life-saving bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques as well as basic bleeding control techniques. 

Sometimes, EMS personnel are not always the first individuals on the emergency scene. Often, no matter how fast emergency responders arrive, bystanders are the first ones on the scene of an emergency.

The BHVRS is excited to share two short, informative videos with you that highlight proper CPR and bleeding control techniques. These videos were generously and professionally created by a local Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient, Isabelle Lin, of Berkeley Heights. Here are links to the short educational videos for our community. The 5 minutes and 23 seconds of content in those videos could save a life:

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  1. CPR & AED Bystander Usage:
  2. Bleeding Control:
    By putting this knowledge into the hands of the public, National EMS Week is making it possible for everyone to become life savers and heroes right from the comfort of their homes. Be well, Berkeley Heights, and thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.

About “Save a Life CPR and Stop the Bleed Day” of National EMS Week:

Developing a grassroots effort to encourage our community to become trained, equipped, and able to help in emergency situations before professional help arrives is critical. According to the American Heart Association, a survey shows that only half of Americans would perform lifesaving CPR in the case that a friend or a family member has a cardiac arrest right in front of them. Why is that? People express that they either do not know how to perform CPR properly, or they are fearful of doing so. 

On this day of National EMS Week, the BHVRS hopes to ease these fears and empower the residents of Berkeley Heights to feel comfortable as bystanders of emergency situations. The benefits of performing CPR far outweigh the risks and, according to the American Heart Association, can double or triple someone’s chance of survival. Similarly, learning proper bleeding control, such as applying direct pressure to wounds, can help slow blood loss following a traumatic injury.

When the time is right, the BHVRS will hold in-person sessions at the rescue squad building to give our community hands-on experience with CPR and bleeding control skills. 

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, please visit And, if you have ever thought about volunteering with the rescue squad, now is the time! Email for more details.