NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Luminous MedSpa and Salon is hosting a Divorce Dynasty "New Year/New You" event on Tuesday, Jan. 16 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at their salon located at 592 Central Ave. in New Providence.  Learn the basics of the divorce process, available options and resources for dealing with an unhappy or unhealthy living situation. At the same time, learn some life altering tips to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, to eat better, feel better and attain a happier and healthier you. Email to RSVP.

Guided by family law attorney Karolina Dehnhard, Esq. of Budd Larner in Short Hills, Divorce Dynasty is a group of attorneys, doctors, accountants, therapists, financial professionals, realtors and life coaches who are each a champion of their respective roles in the divorce process. Individually, many of these women have a first-hand experience or a discerning understanding about life after separation, as well as all of the important things one must consider in the years that follow. Together, they endeavor to help and counsel women who face those difficult, but necessary decisions. Their ultimate goal is empowerment; their aim, to ensure that each and every one of their clients becomes the best woman they can possibly be.

Heather Hoffman, owner of Luminous MedSpa and Salon, is a member of the Divorce Dynasty team and focuses on providing women going through transition with the very often needed “time-out.”  "I want to be that place -- when you don't feel good --  I want to be that person to fix whatever the problem is," Hoffman had told TAPinto. "I know how this place has made me feel."

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On January 16th, she and Dehnhard are hosting a “New Year/New You” event at Luminous, where guests will hear not only from the two of them, but also from Suzanne Riss and Jill Sockwell, the co-authors of The Optimists Guide to Divorce, and Sarah Wragge,  nutritional expert and founder of Wraggemama, about the ability to “divorce” from bad habits, bad situations and bad relationships.  

"These women put themselves last and when it's time to deal with a difficult issue, they don't know where to begin," Dehnhard said. "Even if they're not going through divorce -- whether it's a death of a spouse or disability of a spouse -- it's the same position they find themselves in of not knowing if they have the right health insurance, the right property insurance -- all those things that woman are usually caught by surprise with," she said. 

"Beauty externally will only take you so far -- if they don't have their other issues in order, such as their finances, jobs, daycare and special needs for kids, the beauty externally will only take you so far," said Dehnhard. Divorce Dynasty offers the holistic approach to the whole woman, she explained.

In addition to Luminous offering Aroma Oxy Boost Treatments, several other vendors, such as Living Juice, will be on site, and guests will be able to walk away with valuable resources on how to deal with unhappy or unhealthy living situations. Luminous will also select one woman for their 360 transformation program.