Today, on “EMS for Children Day” of National EMS Week, the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad (BHVRS) is continuing its celebration of EMS practitioners and the important work they do for our nation’s communities. But, today, it is even more important to highlight the impact volunteering has on members’ families and children alike.

Have you ever wondered how volunteerism benefits your children and family as a whole? Well, here are some thoughts that we would like to share with you during “EMS for Children Day.”

The satisfaction and pride that come from helping others are important reasons to volunteer. Your children and family members learn from your example, and watching you volunteer can help them learn the importance of empathy and compassion. More importantly, it will give both parents and children a deeper appreciation for what they have and what others need.

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As a parent member of ours notes: “It’s one thing to talk to your kids about how to be compassionate when you see someone struggling, but it is something completely invaluable to be able to show them how to practice that compassion.”

When volunteerism becomes part of a family's daily life, children will learn valuable life lessons and skills, such as a sense of responsibility, the idea that one person can make a difference, the benefits of giving, and how to show tolerance toward others. Volunteering connects you with a shared community priority and allows your entire family to make new and long-lasting friendships.

Furthermore, children are very perceptive, and volunteering will help them see a change in you! Studies have shown that volunteerism helps renew one’s creativity and motivates one to be a better version of themselves. Simply put, there is no downside to volunteering.

For the members of the BHVRS, everyone has something to offer (even if you only have a small amount of spare time). Every little bit makes a difference and impacts the lives of people across the Berkeley Heights community.

As a child of a BHVRS member notes: “I'm proud of my Dad because he is making a difference in Berkeley Heights. He's doing work as a volunteer, and he is protecting and helping people. Sometimes, he even saves lives. We appreciate him very much, and we know the town does too!”

One child of a BHVRS member was kind enough to participate in a little interview about why she is so proud of her mom for being a member of the squad. Please watch the video at the link below and you will surely see how joining the BHVRS can “Make Your Kids Proud.” 

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it, please visit And, if you have ever thought about volunteering with the rescue squad, now is the time! Email for more details.

Make Your Kids Proud / Make Your Community Proud!