Beginning Saturday, May 16, the tennis courts at Lower Columbia Park in Berkeley Heights will be open to pickleball but the same restrictions as tennis apply:

  1. Games must be singles only – no doubles. That means one person on each side of the court at a time.
  2. There must be one court in between every two in use – to maintain safe social distancing between players at all times.
  3. Players waiting for courts are NOT allowed to gather or congregate to wait, either before or after games. If players are waiting for courts to free up, they must wait in their cars or elsewhere in the park, with a safe social distance from others.  

Please be cognizant of the fact that droplets from a person’s mouth or nose can be on a player’s hand, which can then touch the ball, which then gets touched by the other player. Be sure to follow all proper hygiene protocols – such as frequently using hand sanitizer, not touching your phase, and coughing/sneezing into your elbow, not your hand. Per normal COVID-19 protocols, one should always wear a mask if proper social distancing is not achievable.

 The courts at Lower Columbia are the only tennis/pickleball courts in Berkeley Heights.

“We understand many residents have a great love for pickleball and are anxious to get out and play,” said Mayor Devanney. “I am asking residents to please adhere to the strictest protocols for court usage, so we can continue to open more areas of the Township.”