LITTLE FALLS, NJ — TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer Brian Brodeur was joined in-studio by Jonathan Kramer, President & CEO of Progressive Payment Solutions and Progressive Capital Resources. East Main Media’s studio space has been recently reconfigured to accommodate safe and socially distant production in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kramer shared some of his experiences as a teenager in the Merchant Marines. Kramer signed up when he was just 15, wound up traveling the world, and learned some important life lessons. “You grow up very quickly out there, you learn how to survive in the world, and make money,” he said. “It was real work and hard work.”

Approximately 16 years ago, Kramer started Progressive Payment Solutions, a credit card processing company. “Right now it’s an exciting time in the credit card processing business,” Kramer said, “if there is such a thing as an exciting time in the credit card business,” he joked. Kramer explained that business owners now have an opportunity to recoup up to 100% of their credit card processing costs, as long as specified federal guidelines are followed. In fact, Kramer’s team can handle that processing for the business owner, making sure they are compliant with all regulations and saving them quite a bit of money in the process. 

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Progressive Capital Resources, an alternative funding company, was borne out of the need of some businesses who can’t go to a bank to obtain capital. Kramer works with many different types of lenders on behalf of a business owner in order to obtain funding. 

Kramer has brought both of his sons on board, although working so closely with them poses some challenges. “It’s probably a little bit more difficult to be a boss-slash-Dad,” he said. “It’s hard to make that distinction at times,” but he added, “most of the time, I cave in and I’m Dad. I’ll be honest with you.” 

His sons have been working hard to build a foundation, been productive, and have become “master networkers,” Kramer said, and has taught them from the time they were teenagers “how to leverage their relationships.” 

You can visit to learn more about Progressive Capital Resources, and to read more about Progressive Payment Solutions.