LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Sales training and business development expert Danny Wood, of Sandler Training, discusses his career path and the state of selling during COVID-19.

Joining TAPintoTV Executive Producer Brian Brodeur via video conference, Wood describes the moment he decided to leave a career in the apparel industry and pursue a more fulfilling work life. "After 16 years traveling the world selling," he said. "I decided that life had more to offer," he continued. "I decided to do what I wanted to do, what would make me happy."

After joining forces with Sandler Training, Danny built a successful 20-year career helping train sales people and sales managers at companies and professional firms throughout the world.

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"[We] help through ongoing training and reinforcement to make behavioral change over a period of time," Wood said, describing Sandler Training's philosophy. "We put a team report together--a scorecard--and we come back with recommendations on what kind of program to put together."

Wood customizes his consultations and training for every client and takes time to understand their business and specific needs. "People need different things, they learn at different paces. They have different strengths, different weaknesses," Wood told Brodeur.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and sales professionals face a variety of challenges related to ongoing growth and business development. Wood highlighted the need to embrace new technology, including digital video and online business social media platforms, including LinkedIn. 

"We need make LinkedIn the center of our prospecting universe," Wood added. "Anything you do. Any virtual trade show, any virtual networking event, any conversation--everything needs to go and filter through there."

Brodeur and Wood also discuss how professionals need to integrate the latest technology, practice good communication, and build productive habits. "We have to have a good 30-second commercial. We have to know how to introduce ourselves. It's all about consistency, It's all about having goals and doing it," Wood said. "It's all about carving out the time to do it," he explained. "If you want to reach a goal, we have to reverse engineer where we want to go, and how to do it."

Wood went on to describe the benefits of membership in business development networking groups such as ABA, the American Business Associates. "It's a relationship group--it's not just about giving leads. It's a fantastic group of people. a group with a heart."

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