Walter Pardo, CEO & Certified Wealth Strategist at WFP Tax Partners, follows up his previous “Profit First” video, with an introduction to the concept of Parkinson’s Law: 

Author and Historian C. Northcote Parkinson theorized that our demand for a resource increases to meet the supply of it. 

For example, when we’re given two weeks to do a project, it takes two weeks. But if we’re given eight weeks to do the same project, it would take eight weeks. Another example is that when given $1,000 to complete your work, you get it done for $1,000. But if you’re given $100,000 to complete the same work, it magically takes $100,000. 

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So profit first makes Parkinson’s Law an asset. And by taking profits first, the money available for expenses lessens, and we’re forced to get the same things done for less money. 

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