Halloween season is in the air. As October 31st approaches, people scramble for costumes, parties and all things fall-related. On spooky, brisk autumn nights you will find yourself involuntarily reaching for your fuzzy blanket and laptop to find the perfect movie to get into the Halloween spirit. To make your process easier, here are five films you don't want to miss.

1. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ​1966. This timeless film follows the ​Peanuts​ gang to a pumpkin patch on Halloween. Sally’s little brother Linus is convinced that the “Great Pumpkin” will show himself once the sun sets. Sally and Charlie’s sister, Lucy, believe this to be a childish fantasy. But when a mysterious shadow appears, they might just believe it.

2. The Nightmare on Elm Street 1​ 984. If you are in the mood for a stereotypical slasher film, check out ​The Nightmare on Elm Street.​ Taking place in the Midwest, teenagers meet Freddie Kruger. Kruger haunts unsuspecting teenagers in their dreams and kills them when they are awake. Family secrets unravel and characters embark on missions to find the truth. Mysteries, gore, and jump scares will keep you happily in suspense, but also may cause you to look under your bed before you sleep, as you check for Freddie Kruger.

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3. Halloweentown ​1998. This Disney Channel original movie follows Marnie Piper, a 13 year old girl who is forbidden from celebrating Halloween. After hearing her mother, Gwen, and her grandmother, Aggie, arguing during Aggie’s annual October 31st visit, Marnie realizes they are hiding something. With the help of her younger brother, Dylan, Marnie follows her grandmother onto a magical bus to the world of Halloweentown. When they arrive they realize their duty is to save Halloweentown from the “spell” it is under and discover their true witchcraft ancestry.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas ​1993​. J​ ack Skellington is the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town. Jack comes across a portal leading to the upbeat, festive, buoyant world of Christmas Town. Jack is mesmerized by this discovery and announces Halloween Town will be taking over Christmas, although none of the residents (ghosts, goblins, vampires and mummies) quite grasp the concept. Sally, Jack’s friend and admirer, warns him after seeing a vision of total destruction. Packed with music, comedy and the right amount of drama, Tim Burton does not disappoint in this stop motion animation about being true to yourself.

5. Hocus Pocus ​1993. This classic features black cats, witches, and curses. For those who have never seen this iconic film, the plot begins with a curse put upon a boy in the 1600s by three witches, turning the boy into a black cat. Fast forward to modern day, two teenagers and a little sister accidentally resurrect the witches. Things get hectic but this movie never fails to entertain, and is arguably the most popular Halloween movie to date.

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