With live competition coming to a halt, it seems the world is in need of some form of sports. For sports fans, replays of old games shown on various networks suffice, however, many dislike watching games on delay.

A great alternative for live or delayed sports can be sports movies, whether fiction or documentary. But there are so many available to view that one might not know what to watch. 

Here are the top 6 sports documentaries and movies to watch while in isolation, or even afterwards.

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Coach Carter: Coach Carter is based on a true story in which a very strict and hard nosed coach takes over a team of misfits in Richmond, California. Carter works his players to the brink, and many question his methods. There are many roadblocks in Carter’s way, but he completes his main goal of turning his player’s lives around. This film is a classic, showing vigorous practices and great energy during the games, as well as the life of players off the court experiencing life in a bad neighborhood. It’s a feel good story to say the least.

The Blind Side: This is the story of Michael “Big Mike” Oher, who was homeless in Mississippi with no life goals. One day, he was picked up by the Tuohy family and brought to live with them. Through the Tuohy family’s vigorous love for football, Oher was able to become a star on the offensive line. This film pulls at the heartstrings, as the main character Michael is very relatable and always wants to do the right thing. It is an interesting dynamic to have a star football player have such a soft heart, but Big Mike had the best of both worlds. Leanna Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock, is like Mike’s guardian angel. This is one of the best football movies in the recent era of film.

Sandlot: The most loved baseball movie of all time is perfect to watch when you are stuck at home. The sense of summer is immaculate in this film surrounding a group of kids who go to a run down field every day to play baseball. Whether on or off the field, the kids are always having a good time. During these times, a sense of that carefree summer is what we all need.

Field of Dreams: This film is also a classic, featuring a man named Ray living on an Iowa farm. Ray hears a voice one night tell him to build a baseball field on his farm despite his financial situation. Ray quickly finds out that he is able to see baseball legends play on his field, however, other people are unable to see the same thing. This film is extremely relatable, as Ray is trying to bring out his inner child throughout the movie. And the ending scene is one that leaves no dry eyes in the audience.

Hoop Dreams: This documentary on two basketball hopefuls in crime-ridden Chicago not only shows the five-year path of the two players, but also exposes the obstacles the two encounter and the difficulty African-Americans experienced in the ‘90s. This film is so appealing because it provides a look behind the curtain to the journey of NBA hopefuls, and shows the painful grind it takes to even have a chance to become a professional.

Rocky: Rocky is on a short list of films that all people need to watch. The classic underdog story shows Rocky Balboa’s life turn around from being a part-time boxer in Philadelphia to being chosen to fight Apollo Creed, the world’s heavyweight champion. Rocky trains and makes the fight a classic, but his work ethic and underdog mentality make this film an instant classic. The addition of a love story between Rocky and his wife Adrian is another reason why the film catches the eye of many. If you would like to watch a marathon, Rocky has nine parts, as well as two “Creed” movies, depicting the boxing career of Apollo Creed’s son, when Balboa’s career moves towards being a mentor and trainer to his once rival’s son.