Although remote learning is coming to an end and mandatory quarantine restrictions are beginning to lighten, students spent the time at home adapting to the situation, becoming more comfortable maintaining their school schedule from a distance. 

Something that has taken a bit more time to successfully convert to online is participation in  extracurricular activities. Whether it was dance classes, singing lessons, or sports practices, staying involved during this time became somewhat of a challenge. 

For many, dance lessons were conducted at home over Zoom, similar to school instruction. While this didn’t allow for much room in correcting students and giving more personal instruction, it opened up an opportunity to keep in shape and get in some practice. 

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Taking lessons at home from Starstruck Dance Studio has been a change for sophomore Sophia Sommese. “It is a very different experience, but I am happy I get to continue dancing through a time like this,” she said. Some dancers were even able to compete in online competitions.

Similarly, individual and team sports made the switch to online activities. Because of quarantine, athletes could not play or practice together, so coaches uploaded different workouts online in order for players to stay in shape. 

For swimmers, keeping up with daily swim workouts could be challenging. Not everyone has access to a private pool in their backyard to practice different strokes or styles. 

Freshman Ava Biegel, a member of the Summit Area YMCA Swim Team, said, “Our coaches set up various events for us to continue our team bonding.” Biegel’s team also followed rigorous workouts out of the water to keep up with the swimming they would be missing. 

Sports aren’t the only activities affected by social distancing. Sophomore Kiana Robinson usually attends school at her church every morning before public school. She continued to attend those lessons, but they are held remotely over Zoom in the morning. Her group at church holds events online to stay connected and keep their spirits up. 

“It’s really nice to get to see familiar faces and still follow my regular routine given these circumstances,” Robsinson said. 

While none of these activities have quite the same feel, students are grateful to be able to keep up with what’s important to them. And once life gets back to the old routine, everyone hopes to return to their out of school activities as though they had never been apart.