Picking out an outfit in the morning before school can cause hysteria. You have to take into account temperature, comfortability, and most importantly, the fashions that are popular and intriguing to you. When walking in the halls of Governor Livingston, one will often see many of the same striking fashion trends. Social media also contributes greatly to what is trending at the moment. Based on the fashions that have been circulating this season, there are a few essential items that should be in every person’s closet in order to stay in style this fall.

This season, 90’s fashion trends have been recirculating and teenagers have been recycling their parents’ clothes and outfits. Patterns are currently very in, so striped sweaters and plaid pants are very common. Pants with stripes or other interesting and distracting patterns are also very intriguing when paired with a basic long-sleeved shirt. High-waisted jeans and pants are also helpful, as you can wear shorter shirts and still be warm.

When it comes to autumn fashion, layering is crucial to staying warm and looking good. On top of your shirt and pants you can put different jackets or other items, which keep you warm and presentable Oversized jean jackets have been trending recently, especially ones lined with fur. Also, flannels are always appealing over a tank top or any shirt. Scarves can be be added to any outfit in order to keep you warm and make you look put together. Layers add a more cozy feel and provide for trendiness along with comfortability.

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Lastly, there are accessories trending this season that can be added to personalize any outfit and make it even more fashionable. This fall, it’s more likely to see someone wearing gold jewelry over other colors. Hoops and long earrings, layered necklaces, and a variation of stud earrings are common types of jewelry frequently worn during the fall season. Also, with your choice of shoe, high and/or patterned socks are striking to the eye, especially with tall boots. Chunky and bulky belts with tighter pants are additionally very trendy this fall season. Overall, accessories help make any outfit unique.

The process of picking out your clothes during the fall can be difficult, unless you have those few items that you feel confident in. Everyone has those few pieces in their closet that make them feel extremely confident and comfortable. While the process of finding your own unique style may take up a lot of time or take a toll on your wallet, it can help to define your character. If there’s that one top on your shelf that’s always tempting you, but always ends up being thrown to the side, try it out for the day and see if it can potentially become your new favorite. Even though the choice may be tough sometimes and cause for a last-minute outfit changes, having those few key pieces and determining your style is crucial.