Disney’s smash hit “Frozen”, based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”, released in 2013, became the highest grossing animated movie of all time. The soundtrack, specifically “Let It Go” became an anthem for people all over. After a success as great as the first, there was no surprise at the news of the upcoming Frozen 2. A new story meant new characters for audiences to fall in love with.

After months of anticipation from fans, “Frozen 2” was finally released in November of 2019. The film melted $217 million in its opening weekend. People flocked to get seats in the movie theater.  The sequel includes many beautiful songs and enchanting animations, with the characters that audiences had grown so fond of in Frozen 1. 

This story is one for the books. Junior Katie Demicco said, “I liked the songs of the second film, but I liked the first one better, it has this magic to it that reminds me of my childhood.”  The importance of the first Frozen is its ability to show independence, strength, and the loving bond between sisters. 

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On their travels they encounter some new characters for viewers to fall in love with. Although it is hard to top the powerful, memorable, magic of the first story, Disney does what they do best in making a quality movies with a touching message paired with more music guaranteed to get stuck in anyone’s head. Sophomore Abby Biegel shared that, “I thought the sequel was more aesthetically pleasing, and the songs were really good.”

The movie continues three years after the conclusion of the first film, Elsa has been ruling as Queen of Arendelle. She appears conflicted and concerned as the movie opens. The plot continues the story of the sisters’s bond and adventures, but it also digs deeper into their parents history and what led them to set sail on the ship that lost them their lives. Junior Leah Gould said, “I enjoyed the sequel, although not as good as the first one, I still think it is a must see for people who liked the original film.” Their adventure leads them through many exciting, crazy, and entertaining events along a brand new journey for frozen lovers to see.