BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The students of Berkeley Heights Public School have been on remote learning for eight weeks. A new learning environment, especially one at home, can be very distracting so it is important for faculty and students to get into a routine that allows them to be successful with their work. At first, it was difficult for everyone to adjust, but students and teachers alike found ways to stay organized. 

As teachers oriented themselves and their lessons to the new learning environment to allow remote learning to run smoothly, many learned that going online would take a period of time to get used to. Having less exposure to different people and time to collaborate with others would impact how quickly people adapted. 

In a new teaching setting, Biology and Environmental Science teacher Lisa Dhaibar found ways to maintain the structure of her classroom at home. She said, “I'm using the schedule put out by the school, so when I have class is when I'm available for the students in that class.” This helps Dhaibar, and her students, stay on time during these half days of distance learning. 

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Online learning is a very new experience for students, too. That means students have lots of time on their hands, and being productive can be hard at times. Having some structure to the day helps students stay focused.

Freshman Erica LaBella said, “I have a schedule for online remote learning. I also do my work when it is assigned and do my homework around 2 P.M. to make sure I keep a good schedule.” 

Junior Avery Koehn uses the PowerSchool app and daily schedule that gets updated to make sure he stays on track. Setting a reminder to fill out the daily attendance forms is also important. To stay organized, Koehn still used his school bag every day. With all supplies in one place, it can feel more like an actual school day and help make studying environments more structured. 

There are many other ways students and staff alike are staying organized while lacking the structure of school. Dhaibar said, “I recommend making lists, keeping calendars, setting a reminder on your phone, or setting an alarm.” These tools are helpful for students to sign in to class and turn in work on time. 

Remote learning is going to be in place for the foreseeable future until the quarantine is lifted . Staying organized is the most important part to being on top of all work and being productive. Although it was a new adjustment, what was once unfamiliar has become routine.