Letter to the Editor

January 6, 2021, a day that will live in infamy. A day that brought tears to the eyes of Americans and frowns from the rest of the world. A day that saw American terrorists raid our Capitol building for their own satisfaction. A day that a flag bearing a single man’s name penetrated the center of America. 

The events at the Capitol do not look that much different from August 24, 1814. The only difference is we brought this pain, this destruction, and this humiliation on ourselves. 

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August 24, 1814, was the day the British forces raided and burned the White House in retaliation and in an effort to dishonor the patriotic building of America. British Soldiers ate out of the White House china, rummaged and ruined the historic artifacts, and then proceeded to set it ablaze.  

The only event that this horrid day in 1814 can be compared to is the present-day raid of the Capitol in 2021. Boots were placed upon desks of honor. Senators were put into lockdown positions by their own people. Guns were fired at American souls. 

As a sixteen-year-old woman freshly aware of the corruption in her country this will have a forever lasting impression. Young souls haven’t been alive long enough to know this is not the real America. Children watching the TV will see anarchy and a president hiding behind his Twitter platform. 

The truth - something that seems so easy to say but has been neglected for the last four years. Lies  - something that is a lot easier than telling the truth. Responsibility - something a president has that requires him to tell the truth. Pain - something that the country of America experienced because of the lack of truth, and responsibility, and the influx of lies. 

The peaceful transition of power has been a sacred tradition since John Adams shook Thomas Jefferson’s hand in 1800. A sense of comfort comes every four years on January 6 as America upholds the Constitution by certifying the election. 

Our forefathers fought for the freedoms we take for granted. America was formed on a fundamental set of laws that allow us the freedoms we have. 

We should not use the passion we feel for our country as a weapon against one another. The passion we feel for a leader in power cannot blind our reality. We all have the same history. We all feel a great sense of pride for our nation. No matter how different the people in this country are, our home is America and you do not break into your own house. 

America’s history consists of winning and losing just as life calls for. January 6, 2021, was a loss. A bad loss. But, a win is in our future. Continue to wave the flag that bears a star for each state, and speak of the bright times ahead.

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