Fashion is always evolving. But no matter how many new designs are created, old styles make a resurgence to become current trends. Teens are bringing back trends that their parents loved in the ‘80s-’90s. Scrunchies, Birkenstocks, mom jeans, and many more clothing items are currently back in style. 

Something that has reappeared in fashion magazines and on Instagram are giant clips in the models’ hairstyles. Girls have been adopting these hair accessories into their own looks in order to complete an outfit and change up their hairstyles. 

Rhinestone, pearl, and funky colored clips have once again become a favorite in fashion. Scrunchies are also reappearing. Unlike regular hair ties, the old fad does not give you a headache or pull too tightly on your hair. They also provide an array of colors to match any outfit. 

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These throwback styles are giving people a nostalgic feeling. Sara Hunter, junior, said, “Seeing girls wear these reminds me of a high school movie from the ‘80s.”  

Shoe styles and brands that were worn 30 years ago are now being worn by high school students. Many high school girls, such as sophomore Emily Radick, love to wear big sneakers. “They make me look taller and go with any outfit,” Radick said.

 Doc Martens have always been a beloved fashion choice, as they match any outfit: jeans, skirts, and even dresses. They are extremely comfy and fashionable. Teens have turned what were originally boots into a casual shoe that they could wear to any occasion. And with new colors and designs, it is very easy to find a style that will match your personality, too.

Birkenstocks are another trend that has recently reappeared in teens’ closets. Vicky Lama, sophomore, said, “When I bought my first pair of Birks my dad was surprised that I wanted them. He told me that he used to wear them in college.” 

“Birks” made a comeback a few years ago, and lots of teens have been buying them to introduce into their wardrobes. Many students wear this functional sandal all year long, adding a pair of socks to stretch the style beyond the summer.

Another blast from the past are mom jeans. Mom jeans, a high-waisted style, go with anything from boots to sneakers. In addition, mom jeans are loose and extremely comfortable, making them appropriate for any event. 

Flannels were a staple in ‘90s era grunge style. Just like then, the style is being adopted by both girls and guys into their wardrobes. Some layer them over hoodies while others leave them unbuttoned, like one would wear  a sweater. Sophomore Sky Martin likes to wear flannels with jeans over a plain shirt. “They are comfortable while still stylish,” he said.

Some believe these trends are coming back because of their comfort and their variety of color. Junior Kate Londino said that one of the reasons we see these styles coming back is people still want to be stylish, but the more modern outfits are too extravagant for school wear. 

Fashion took many turns over the past decades, however, high schoolers are being drawn to the trends from the past. Makes you wonder what styles from today will we see make an appearance in another 30 years.