Editor's Note: The Highlander section features articles written for The Highlander, Gov. Livingston High School's student newspaper.

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Superintendent Judith Rattner has dedicated over 37 years of her life to school boards across New Jersey. As Superintendent of the Berkeley Heights Public School District, Rattner has impacted the lives of every student, at every grade level. It was announced in August, 2018, that Rattner would be retiring from her position as Berkeley Heights Superintendent on October 18, 2018.

On October 17, Governor Livingston High School celebrated Rattner’s accomplishments with a great send-off. Making a bold entrance into the building, Rattner rode in a golf cart down the halls of GL to the blue gym where the junior and senior classes were waiting. Rattner even made one last “Judy call”. Students use the term “Judy calls” to describe the calls Rattner makes to notify families that schools are closed. 

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Prior to Rattner’s arrival, the entire school sprang into action, creating posters in a 10-minute homeroom held at the start of the day. The freshman and sophomore classes created signs and lined the hallways to greet Rattner, and to cheer her on as the golf cart passed. The juniors and seniors likewise made posters or cards and gathered in the blue gym. Signs read: “Good Luck Mrs. Rattner!”, “Congratulations!”, and even “Thank you for the snow days!” 

As Rattner entered the blue gym she was met with a standing ovation. Student body president Mikayla Sanchez gave a heartfelt speech about Rattner’s accomplishments and thanked Rattner for her dedication to the Berkeley Heights school district. Sanchez later stated, “It was an honor to be able to recognize Mrs. Rattner for all of the hard work she’s put into the Berkeley Heights school district. As a student leader, we’re definitely going to miss her, her input, and her involvement with the students.” Other students were also moved by Sanchez’s speech. Senior Josh Glenn said, “It’s nice to see someone who, even though you don’t really know them, you know that they’re there for you. They’re behind the scenes, caring about us.” And there was one more surprise, as Rattner made one last “Judy call” over the announcements. 

The send-off was the most sincere way GL students could wish Rattner luck with her retirement. All students at Governor Livingston have observed Rattner’s dedication to the Berkeley Heights School District and will always remember her time at GL.