The highlights of Thanksgiving are food, friends, family and of course, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every year millions of people brave the November chill to see the parade in action. Millions more have the parade playing on the TV while they cook mashed potatoes and turkey. Being so close to New York City has given many students at Governor Livingston High School the opportunity to see the parade in person. 

An integral part of the parade is the balloons. They are colorful, massive and many depict pop culture characters. The night before the parade, visitors can watch the balloons be inflated, giving them an insider look on how the parade will operate, with much smaller crowds. This is a great way to start the holiday off early and I highly recommend it. 

This year my friends and I went to see the balloon inflation. We hopped on the train and made our way uptown to the Upper West Side. It was freezing, so we made sure to bundle up in our warmest winter coats. We grabbed some hot chocolate to get into the Holiday spirit even more. We walked towards Central Park, getting a clear view of the balloons. We also managed to grab pictures and chat with tourists from all over the country who came to see the sights. It was an incredible and unique experience! We got the feeling of being at the parade, but it was much more relaxed.   

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Sophomore Gretchen Probst attended the parade this year, and said, “My sister was in it, so I went to see it. It was a lot of fun!” Many other students who were able to see the parade also had fun, although they had strong opinions on the impact of the harsh weather. Freshmen Annabelle Taskila stated, “It’s fun but insanely miserable and cold if you don’t dress right.” The city chill can definitely deter observers from seeing the parade from the streets. Many prefer watching from the comforts of their own home. This way, you can enjoy the parade and get an early start on your Thanksgiving cooking!

Whether you are among the millions who flock to the city in cold weather to watch the parade, or a part of the smaller crowd present at the balloon inflation, attending these events guarantees you will get into the holiday spirit!