BERNARDSVILLE, NJ - What is the real function of the SAT and ACT as it relates to the college admission process? TAPinto talks with Eva Addae and David Blobaum, co-founders of Summit Prep, in a series of articles to further the conversation regarding this topic. 

In this video discussion, Eva Addae sets up the conversation going back to why there are standardized tests. She talks of the fallacy behind the claim the tests are ethnically and racially biased.

She also touches upon the following topics: 

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  • What is the real function of the SAT and ACT exams
  • What role do the exams play now
  • Why has there been so much controversy about whether the exams are equitable -- is there racial inequity

Watch video below for context of this conversation.

"I just want people to walk away with the fact that we can have a conversation about the content and the questions on these exams. Are the tests biased or skewed? That's the first place you want to start," said Addae. "There is no problem with the actual content of the test because statistical methods are used to eliminate any bias in the content." 

"There is and should be some standardized body of knowledge. The tests are testing that standardized body of knowledge and language. So, if some subgroups didn't perform as well on that, that's not the fault of the SAT or ACT, that's the fault of the education that those groups are provided with," said Addae. "And parents would agree that you need an assessment. Let's remove emotion from this. I started with how deep this runs for people. For myself, I can say and validate the anger and the indignation of inequality. We start there. But let's then take this conversation in a vacuum, and say, let's really start to do our work. What's happening? --- Parents should love the SAT and ACT because it is a tool that they can use to really see what their kids are learning." 

Let's continue the conversation -- understanding that we all have a common goal of reaching a solution. 

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