BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Bloomfield Police Department’s year-end crime statistics assessment found a decrease in crimes committed last year as compared to 2016, almost across the board.

Bloomfield Police report 839 instances of Part I crimes in 2017, a 4% decrease from 870 in 2016. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) classify Part I crimes as: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, auto/motor vehicle theft, and arson. As was the case in 2016, no murders or rapes were reported in Bloomfield last year.

Auto thefts decreased 21%, from 103 occurrences in 2016 to 81 in 2017. The last four weeks of December saw a 40% decrease in Part I crimes, from 67 incidents in 2016 to 40 in 2017. Despite a decrease in Part I crimes, 2017 saw an increase in arrests for Part I crimes, from 390 in 2016 to 427 in 2017. Arrests have been made for over 50% of Part I crimes committed in Bloomfield in 2017.

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The number of Part I crimes committed in Bloomfield had soared to 1,212 in 2014, following consecutive yearly increases, and threatened to continue rising for years. Bloomfield hired former Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio as Bloomfield Police Director in the start of 2015. DeMaio instituted changes including community policing, strategically assigning officers shifts during the evening hours, meeting daily with Police commanders, utilizing crime analysis, crime mapping and predictive policing and demanding more transparency. The number of Part I crimes has steadily declined every year since 2015 began.

Bloomfield Police Department statistics also show decreases in Part II criminal offenses during 2017, including arrests for possession of illegal guns, drug offenses, and driving under the influence. Arrests for possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances decreased by 23%, from 354 in 2016 to 273 in 2017.

“The Bloomfield Police Department has been successfully administering crime-deterrent and crime-prevention methods which we can now see are having real, positive effects throughout Bloomfield,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Our police officers put the safety of Bloomfield residents above all else, and as a resident, I am glad to know that the number of violent crimes has been declining for years, while the rate of arrests has increased. On behalf of the entire Bloomfield Township Council, I would like to thank the Bloomfield Police Department for their hard work to keep our town safe.”

Throughout the various divisions of the Bloomfield Police Department, 845 warrants for arrest were executed, while 3,136 inquiries were made. This number marks a 32% increase from inquiries made in 2016. The number of arrests made by the Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau, Youth Aid Division, and Anti-Crime Units were in keeping with the findings of 2016. The Bloomfield Traffic Division, however, saw a 320% increase in arrests, from 10 in 2016 to 42 in 2017, all while the Department registered a 7% reduction in internal affairs complaints.  

“Over the last three years, we have seen a 34% reduction in the number of Part I crimes, thanks to the commitment our officers have demonstrated to solving crimes, and preventing future crimes. Our frequent traffic studies and increased radar initiatives have had a clear positive effect in reducing motor vehicle violations, even as the population in Bloomfield and our neighboring towns increases,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “Almost across the board, violent crimes and drug related crimes are down, but our rates of solved or charged crimes are up. I would like to thank the hard working men and women of the Police Department for their commitment and adaptation to the transformation of the department over the past three years. Without their Bravery, Pride and Dedication these successes could not be realized.”