MIDDLETOWN, NJ: On Tuesday, August 7th, the entire community is welcome to join Kevin's Walk; 'Walk the Walk and Pray With Kevin Kret,' - an annual event to gather in prayer, and show support for Kevin and his family, as Kevin continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury (TBI),  as a result of an accident.  Kevin has remained in a minimally conscious state since his TBI in 2009.

The walk will be held at the barn/horse arena at Christian Brothers Academy (CBA), rain or shine, 850 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ, at 6:00 p.m. sharp. The walk is casual and donations to help with Kevin's medical expenses are optional.  Shortly after 6pm, introductions will be made and the group will begin to make a few laps, everyone walking at their own pace around the arena (for those that cannot walk the laps, you are welcome to bring a folding chair and show support from the sidelines). 

The walk itself is fairly quick, a few laps and then the crowd will gather to hear a brief update about Kevin's medical progress, and the event will culminate with everyone joining in prayer together with Kevin. You can bring a chair or blanket to sit on if you wish. One of the founders of 'Kevin's Walk'  Lisa Ardito of Monmouth Beach (formerly of Holmdel), says, "Every year at 'Kevin's Walk,' we are all uplifted and emotionally moved.  It doesn't matter what your faith is.  When you witness and are a part of a crowd of all ages; adults, the elderly, children, teens, babies in strollers... all praying together and gathered around Kevin, it is a beautiful and moving experience." 

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Although 'Kevin's Walk' is a fundraiser to offset his unpaid medical expenses, donations are always optional and Kevin's family's priority is 'prayer for Kevin.' Kevin's mom Joan Kret says, "We really just want people to come to join us for the walk and pray for and with Kevin. We are so thankful to all who attend and show support for our Kev."

Kevin lives with his loving parents in the Middletown home he grew up in, the oldest of their four children. The family enjoys sharing time with Kevin, reading to him, watching sports, watching the sunset, floating in the pool, going to concerts, attending mass, traveling to sports games... Kevin is always at the center of the family's day to day activities as much as possible and the family loves caring for him. With that said, Kevin requires special medical care 24/7. Donations from this year's walk and previous 'Walk with Kevin' events are to help support Kevin's ongoing therapy needs that are not covered by his existing health insurance. These therapies keep Kevin mentally and physically stimulated every day and according to medical experts working with Kevin, the therapies are vital ingredients to optimize his chances for conscious recovery. In 2017, Kevin was at Weill Cornell Medical Center for extensive testing and imaging of his brain. "We were hoping that things remained stable since the last time we were there. We were ecstatic to learn in 2017 that Kevin's brain is not just stable but is continuing to repair and reorganize. We continue to provide Kevin with the best possible care and treatments and pray for a healing,'' says Michael Kret, Kevin's father.  Kevin's mom Joan adds, "If you can't make the walk and would like to pray for Kevin we would love that. We are so thankful to everyone who prays for our Kev."  The family has posted a special prayer for Kevin on his website:  A Prayer for Kevin: Dear Lord,  Please Keep Kevin safe in your embrace. Please heal the cells in his brain stem so that he can be reunited with us here on earth in mind, body, and spirit.  All in your time and in your name. Amen

If you would like more information on Kevin's Journey of Hope please visit kevinsjoh.com  There you will find on-line book called "Journey of Hope - Going Home."  If you are unable to attend the event but would like to send a donation you may write the check out to 'Kevin's Journey of Hope,' and mail care of 21 Newland Place, Aberdeen, NJ 07747. You may also donate at gofundme.com/kevinkret .  This is NOT a tax deductible donation.  If you have any questions about this event please email roseconn@optonline.net

On July 31, of 2009, Kevin a former graduate of both Saint Leo the Great School and CBA (both in Lincroft), had just finished his first year of college at Villanova University, when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in his Middletown neighborhood while falling off of a skateboard after hitting debris in the road. Since that time, Kevin has been in a minimally conscious state. Kevin's injury was to his brain stem, often referred to as 'the mother board to the brain.' Since his injury, Kevin although conscious, is unable to communicate and remains trapped in a coma like state. Kevin is cared for in his home by his loving family. Every day Kevin receives 24 hour care and medical therapies from home healthcare professionals. Kevin is the oldest of Joan and Michael Kret's four children. Kevin's siblings are Dylan, Meghan and Jenny.