BLOOMFIELD, NJ - The Bloomfield Department of Public Works and Parks is advising residents to no longer put plastic bags in their recycling bins. New regulations by the State of New Jersey have deemed single-use plastic shopping bags “non-recyclable,” and the Township’s recycling contractor is no longer accepting them.

“This new policy that the state of New Jersey has enacted has caused a lot of confusion between recycling vendors and the municipalities they serve. As of right now we cannot accept plastic bags, and we ask residents to not put any recycled goods inside of plastic bags either,” said Director of Public Works and Parks Anthony Nesto. “We are asking residents to help us comply with state guidelines by: 1) not putting plastic bags out for recycling; and 2) not putting commingled recycling goods inside of plastic bags. The Department of Public Works gives out large bins for residents to keep their recycled plastic in, rather than inside plastic bags.”

A cursory survey of curbside recycling carried out by the DPW found that only about 20-25% of residents use plastic bags to hold their commingled recycling. The DPW asks that these residents switch to putting all their commingled recycling into large bins which can be dumped into recycling trucks on their regularly scheduled pickup days.

The DPW asks residents who may still store their commingled recycling in plastic bags to bring these bags to the Recycling Depot 230 Grove St. every Saturday between 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m, where staff members will empty the bottles and cans into recycling containers and return the bags or dispose of them in the trash. The Township of Bloomfield will continue to disseminate information and updates about recycling policies. Residents with any questions or service requests are encouraged to call the DPW at 973-680-4127.