BLOOMFIELD, NJ - The following police blotter has been issued by Crime Analyst Ralph A.Marotti of the Bloomfield Police Department.


08/14/2017- Ramesh Benimadho age 49 of Union NJ was arrested and charged with Shoplifting. Home Depot security observed Mr. Benimadho remove contents from a light box and filled it with outlets and light switches. The suspect then proceeded to the register to pay for a light valued at $11.00 dollars. The light box containing the stolen merchandise was valued at $123.00 dollars. Mr. Benimadho was issued a summons and released.

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08/15/2017- Police are investigating a reported package theft occurring on Davey Street. The owner reported that an unknown person signed for his package but it was never received.

08/15/2017- A vehicle bumper was reported stolen from a 2007 Acura TSX. The vehicle was parked overnight on Orchard Street. The owner discovered the bumper missing the following morning.

08/15/2017- Raheem Parker age 44 of Newark was arrested at 8:12pm and charged with Shoplifting. Mr. Parker was observed by Marshall’s store security placing sneakers inside a bag and running out of the store. Responding police units located the suspect on Newark Avenue hiding behind a parked vehicle. The suspect identified as Mr. Parker was found to be in possession of the stolen merchandise. Mr. Parker was transported to police headquarters, where he was issued a summons and later released with a pending court date.

08/15/2017- Tyler Williams age 52 of Newark NJ was arrested and charged with Shoplifting at the 7-Eleven Store located at 122 Bloomfield Avenue. Mr. Williams was observed placing candy, chips and laundry detergent inside bags that he was carrying. Mr. Williams then exited the store and fled the area. The incident was captured on store video and provided to police for further investigation, which led to Mr. Williams arrest on 08/17/2017.

08/17/2017- Gary Frazier age 49 of Newark was arrested at 5:09pm and charged with Shoplifting. Mr. Frazier entered the Staples Store located at 135 Bloomfield Ave in an attempt to shoplift 2 printers. Mr. Frazier dropped the printers and fled the store after being confronted by the store manager. Police located Mr. Frazier at the Grove Street train Station where he was placed into custody. Mr. Frazier was charged with an additional shoplifting occurring on August 15th. Store video captured Mr. Frazier shoplifting 2 printers on that 


08/14/12017- Chelsea Santiago age 22 of Newark NJ was arrested at 7:45pm and charged with Possession of CDS. Officers on patrol observed the driver of a silver Hyundai smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. The officers initiated a motor vehicle stop in the parking lot of 135 Bloomfield Ave. The motor vehicle stop led to the discovery of approximately 7 grams of suspected marijuana inside the vehicle. The driver Chelsea Santiago was additionally charged with Operation of a Motor Vehicle while in Possession of CDS. The passenger Tyana Garcia age 20 of Newark was also arrested for an outstanding warrant issued by Kenilworth. Ms. Garcia was released with a pending court date. Ms. Santiago was later transported to the Essex County Correctional facility on an active Newark warrant.

08/15/2017- Hector Morales age 35 of Bayonne NJ was arrested at 9:00pm and charged with Possession of CDS. Officers observed Mr. Morales staggering while walking on Bloomfield Avenue. While speaking with Mr. Morales, officers noticed he had difficulty speaking and his pupils were noticeably dilated. Further investigation led to the discovery of a small bottle containing a dark substance identified as P.C.P, which was inside Mr. Morales vehicle parked a few feet away from the stop. The P.C.P was located after Mr. Morales attempted to retrieve his identification from the vehicle. Mr. Morales admitted that he was presently under the influence of P.C.P. and was transported to an area Hospital for further evaluation. He was issued a summons with a pending court date.


08/16/2017- Daury Bueno-Payano age 25 of Newark NJ was arrested at 12:55pm and charged with Burglary and Theft. The homeowner hearing a noise coming from the outside window went to check and observed the suspect opening the window. The homeowner exited the home and dialed 9-1-1. Police arrived and located the suspect later identified as Mr. Payano hiding behind the bathroom door inside the residence. Mr. Pavano was holding several pieces of the victim’s jewelry when police found him. Mr. Payano was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility awaiting a bail hearing.

Warrant Arrest

08/17/2017- Stephanie Givens age 45 of East Orange NJ was arrested at 7:15am for an active Bloomfield warrant. PO Suzanne Looges was patrolling the area of 8 Franklin Street due to numerous shoplifting occurrences. The officer observed a vehicle parked in the fire lane which led to the register owner having an active warrant. Ms. Givens the registered owner was seated inside the vehicle. She was advised of the warrant and placed under arrest. Ms. Givens was given a ROR with a new court date.

Motor Vehicle Theft

08/18/2017- A 2016 Honda Pilot was reported stolen from Floyd Street. The theft occurred at approximately 5:00pm when the owner was moving vehicles from the street to the driveway. A black male was seen entering the vehicle, which was running with the keys inside and drove off towards Newark.

08/19/2017-A 2011 BMW 535 parked in front of 75 Bloomfield Avenue was stolen at approximately 1:10pm. The owner did not observe the theft. A witness observed 3 black males inside the vehicle

 08/20/2017- A 2013 Mercedes Benz C30 was reported stolen from the front of a residence on Ampere Parkway. The vehicle was left running while the owner was unloading groceries. A black male approximately 30 years of age was seen getting into the vehicle and driving off towards Bloomfield Avenue.


08/15/2017- A reported carjacking occurred at approximately 12:40am in front of a residence on Montgomery Street. The victim was closing the trunk of his 2017 Nissan Maxima, when he was approached from behind. The suspect described as a black male in his 20’s stated “Give me your keys”. The victim handed over his keys to the suspect. The suspect then drove off in the victim’s vehicle. Police are actively investigating the incident.

08/19/2017- A local store located at 26 First Avenue reported a robbery occurring at approximately 8:45pm. The store cashier reported the suspect described as a black male 30 to 40 years of age wearing glasses entered the store for change. The suspect re-entered the store ten minutes later and demanded money from the cashier while displaying a black semi-automatic handgun. The suspect fled the scene in an older model vehicle. Police are actively investigating the incident.

08/20/2017-Police were dispatched at 5:09pm to Bloomfield Avenue and Chester Avenue on a report of an attempted carjacking. The victim a 43 year old female pulled over on North 16th Street to retrieve an item from the rear seat. When walking back to the driver side a black male came up from behind and pushed her away from the vehicle. The suspect went to enter the vehicle, when the victim grabbed the suspect, pulling him from the vehicle. The suspect then fled on foot. No injuries reported. Police are actively investigating the incident.