BLOOMFIELD, NJ - A Bloomfield senior citizen shared his gratitude to the Bloomfield Fire Department following their quick response to an incident in his home. 

The resident recently experienced a small electrical fire after turning on the switch for a chandelier. As soon as the power was sent to the fixture, one of the bulbs exploded and the plastic candle-like piece that held the bulb was aflame. The fire self-extinguished quickly, leaving a foul odor in the house. A call was made to the Bloomfield Fire Department, who responded quickly. 

The firefighters inspected the light fixture and switch. They then taped off the switch so that it would not be turned on again. The resident was advised to contact an electrician to make the needed repairs. 

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The resident was, and remains grateful to the Bloomfield Fire Department for arriving so quickly and putting him at ease after the incident. He particularly thanked Captain Dan Jacunski, and firefighters Jose Roman and Duncan Arlett.

His handwritten letter offering thanks to the department is the image included with this story.