BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- Bloomfield’s Health and Human Services is hosted its second major sock giveaway this week the New Light Baptist Church in collaboration with Neighbor to Neighbor Network (NTNN), Knock Knock Give a Sock (KKGS), and the Bloomfield Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Committee. The event delivered more than 60,000 pairs of new socks to over 35 shelters and community aid organizations that help low income and homeless individuals.

Bloomfield collaborated with NTNN and KKGS to host its first sock giveaway in 2017, when 30,000 pairs of socks were donated for the cause.

“Essex County has countless faith and community based programs designated to helping some of our most vulnerable residents who may struggle with homelessness or inadequate income. I am proud that we as a Township, through the Bloomfield Health and Human Services Department, are working with great organizations to help provide individuals with essential human necessities,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Knock Knock Give a Sock and the Neighbor to Neighbor Network are both tremendous organizations and it is always a pleasure working with these great causes to help individuals secure basic clothing needs.”

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“Because of these gracious donations from KKGS, we have over 60,000 pairs of socks to donate to any organization or group that provides assistance to low income or homeless individuals,” said Health and Human Services Supervisor Paula Peikes. “The reality is many of those who struggle with housing insurities rely on public spaces to wash. Providing these individuals with new, clean socks will not only keep them warm and comfortable, but will also help keep them healthy and prevent infections. This partnership with NTNN, KKGS, and Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service Committee is an invaluable partnership that is allowing us to serve thousands of Essex County residents who struggle with homelessness.”

KKGS is a New York based organization that gets their new socks from retailers and wholesalers across the country.