My experience as a middle and high school science teacher coupled with my university teaching experience at in the College of Education at William Paterson University, provides me with valuable insight needed to serve on the Bloomfield Board of Education.  My contributions to the field of education and my educational philosophy parallel the mission of our school district: that with “cooperative efforts within an educational community we can provide an equal opportunity for all learners to achieve individual success and to be prepared to meet the needs of an evolving society” (Bloomfield School District Mission Statement).

For the past sixteen years, I have taught graduate and undergraduate science and education reform courses. My focus has been to prepare teachers to serve students with diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds.  In recognition for my capabilities as a teacher educator, in 2012, I received a “Certificate of Excellence in Teacher Education” from the New Jersey Department of Education.  One of my initiatives, should I be elected to the Bloomfield BOE, will be to bring more science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to our K-8 classrooms

For several years I have had the opportunity to consult in New Jersey districts to provide professional development to teachers in the areas of science, cultural relevance, and teaching strategies.  Another initiative that I hope to implement in the Bloomfield district is support for teacher growth and development. 

I currently serve as the chair of the Bloomfield Civil and Human Rights Commission and I am an active member of the Berkeley Elementary School Home and School Association.  It is my hope that I can continue my efforts in providing equal educational opportunity to all students as a Bloomfield Board of Education member.