Hello, I am Robert Crook and I am running for Congress in the NJ’s 11th Congressional District.

Crook is just the last name, I am a Certified Financial Forensic & a CPA with a history and track record of finding money and providing solutions to problems that are large and complex. Fixing problems takes endurance, tenacity and a willingness to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.  It also requires working closely with people from many different professions and backgrounds, working together towards a common goal.  Over the past thirty years as a resident of New Jersey working for the citizens of NJ :

- Founded a not-for-profit to assist NJ Transit in the renovation of the Netherwood Train Station in Plainfield, NJ.  This project was the first redevelopment in the City of Plainfield since the 1969 riots.

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- Built small retail businesses in  Montclair, Morristown and Verona working with Main Street organizations, landlords and developers to revitalize our downtowns.

- Transformed an Internal Audit Department of a fortune 200 holding corporation in the Insurance, Oil and Gas and Consumer products industries to deal with governance, risk and compliance.   Additionally, I conducted internal audits and investigations throughout the world, identifying fraud and corruption and recouped millions of dollars for my clients.

 I am running for Congress because our country is at a crossroads between two polarizing parties that are simply at an impasse.  I am ready to work in a collaborative and non-partisan manner to find solutions to the problems that affect you every day such as:

- Growing the economy here in New Jersey as our state is becoming too expensive for many of us to live here

- Balancing the Federal budget – We currently have a 21 trillion dollar national debt level, an all time high. which left unchecked could bankrupt our country. How does that effect you directly? It will create higher taxes for you and your children.

- Extending Social Security & Medicare – Without change there will be NO funds for retirement in just 15 years.

- Improving our infrastructure: As technology changes our Federal government must stay in step with those changes to ensure departments such as the IRS do not fall into the hands of cyber criminals. 

Elected officials should possess certain skills for the office they serve in the 21st Century.  Given the tax legislation, budgets, appropriations long term budget, social security and medicare funding issues ahead of us there should be more than one licensed CPA in the entire United States House of Representatives.

This is why I am excited to run for Congress in the NJ’s 11th Congressional District.  If I am elected to the NJ 11th US Congressional District, I will do the same job and work for my constituents together with the Congress to accomplish the long-term goals necessary to move New Jersey, our Country and you and your family forward.